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Visual Studio Shortcuts

1. Manage Visual Studio
Ctrl+S Save current file
Ctrl+Shift+S Save all files
Ctrl+Shift+N Create new project
Ctrl+O Open file
Ctrl+Shift+O Open project
Ctrl+Shift+A Add item to project
Esc Close menu or dialog
Ctrl+P Print
Shift+Alt+Enter Toggle full screen mode
Ctrl+F4 Close current tab
Ctrl+F6/Ctrl+Shift+F6 Go to next / go to previous window
Ctrl+Tab, then Arrow keys Press and hold Ctrl+Tab, then using arrow keys gives a small task manager with all open files and views

For keystrokes with two keys such as Ctrl+k+k, keep holding the Ctrl key until releasing the last key.
Ctrl+K+K Toogle bookmark
Ctrl+K+N Goto next bookmark
Ctrl+K+P Goto previous bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+K+N Goto next bookmark in folder
Ctrl+Shift+K+P Goto previous bookmark in folder
Ctrl+K+W Put focus on bookmark window
Esc Leave bookmark window and focus on editor
Ctrl+K+H Toggle code shortcut at current line*
Ctrl+K+L Clear all bookmarks
Ctrl+\+T Show Task List (including code shortcuts)
*if somebody figures out additional shortut keys on how to use code shortcuts, please edit this page and add.

3. Code Editor
Find, Replace, and Goto
Ctrl+F Find and replace dialog box
F3/Shift+F3 Find next / find previous
Ctrl+H Display Replace options on the quick tab
Shift+F12 Find all references for selected symbol
Ctrl+Shift+F Find in files
Alt+F3, s Stop current find in files operation
Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+Shift+F3 Find next / find previous in selected text
Alt+F12 Find symbol
Ctrl+D Put cursor in find/command box of the toolbar. Use ctrl+/ in Visual C#
Ctrl+I/Ctrl+Shift+I Incremental search / reverse incremental search
Shift+Alt+F12 Quick find symbol
Ctrl+, Display Navigate-To dialog box
Ctrl+G Goto line number
Ctrl+] Go to matching brace in source file
Shift+Ctrl+Arrow down Jump to next occurrence of highlighted symbol
Shift+Ctrl+Arrow up Jump to previous occurrence of highlighted symbol
Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste
Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+V Cut, copy, paste
Ctrl+Shift+V Pastes an item from the Clipboard ring
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo (or Shift+Alt+Backspace, or Ctrl+Shift+Z)
Select Text
Shift+Arrow Keys Extend selection one character/one line
Ctrl+Shift+End/Ctrl+Shift+Home Extend selection to end / to beginning of document
Ctrl+Shift+] Extend selection to nexst brace
Shift+End/Shift+Home Extend selection to end / to beginning of line
Shift+Page Down/Shift+Page Up Extends selection down one page / up one page
Ctrl+W Select current word
Esc Cancel Selection
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down/Page Up Moves cursor and extend selection to the last line / first line in view.
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Extend selection one word to the right / one word to the left
Ctrl+A Select All

4. Coding
Collapse Items
Ctrl+M+M Collapse / un-collapse current preset area (e.g. method)
Ctrl+M+H Collpase / hide current selection
Ctrl+M+O Collapse declaration bodies
Ctrl+M+A Collapse all
Ctrl+M+X Uncollapse all
Ctrl+m, ctrl+T Collapse Html tag
Edit Code
Ctrl+L Delete current line or selection of lines to and add to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+L Delete current line or selection of lines
Ctrl+Delete Delete word to right of cursor
Ctrl+Backspace Delete word to left of cursor
Ctrl+Enter Enter blank line above cursor
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Enter blank line below cursor
Ctrl+Shift+U Make uppercase
Ctrl+U Make lowercase (reverse upercase)
Ctrl+K+C Comment selected text
Ctrl+K+U Uncomment selected text
Ctrl+K+\ Remove white space and tabs in selection or around current cursor position
Ctrl+K+D Format document to code formatting settings
Ctrl+K+F Format selection to code formatting settings
Ctrl+Shift+Space Display parameter required for selected method
Ctrl+Shift+8 Visualize whitespace (or press Ctrl+r, then Ctrl+w)
Ctrl+K+D Format document to code formatting settings
Ctrl+K+F Format selection to code formatting settings
Ctrl+Shift+T Transpose word to right of cursor; makes b=a out of a=b if cursor was in front of a
Ctrl+T Transpose character left and right of cursor; cursor between ab would make ba
Shift+Alt+T Transpose line: Move line below cursor up and current line down.
IntelliSense and Code Helper
Ctrl+Space Autocomplete word from completion list (or alt+right arrow)
Ctrl+Shift+Space Show parameter info
Ctrl+F12 Display symbol definition
F12 Display symbol declaration
Ctrl+J Open IntelliSense completion list

5. Build and Debug
F6 Build solution (or Ctrl+shift+b)
Ctrl+Alt+F7 Rebuild solution
Ctrl+Break Cancel build process
Ctrl+\+E Show error list
F9 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl+B Insert new function breakpoint
F5 Start debugging
F11 Debug / step into
F10 Debug / step over
Shift+F11 Debug / step out
Ctrl+F10 Debug / run to cursor
Ctrl+Alt+Q Show Quickwatch window
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Set current statement to be the next executed
Alt+* (on numeric keyboard) Show nexst statement
Ctrl+Alt+E Show Exception dialog box
Ctrl+F11 Toggle between disassembly and user code view
Shift+F5 Stop Debugging
Ctrl+F5 Bypass debugger
Ctrl+Alt+P Show attach to process window
Ctrl+Alt+break Break all executing threads

6. Tool Windows
Ctrl+/ Put cursor in the find/command box in toolbar
Ctrl+K+B Open code snippet manager window
Alt+F11 Open macro IDE window
Ctrl+K+W Open bookmark window
Ctrl+Alt+K Open call hierarchy window
Ctrl+Shift+C Open class view window
Ctrl+Alt+A Open Command window
Ctrl+Shift+O Open Output window
Ctrl+Shift+E Open Resource view window
Ctrl+Alt+S Open Server explorer window
Ctrl+Shift+L Open Solution explorer window
Shift+Esc Close Find & Replace Window

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