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jQuery – Select element cheat sheet

Note: elementid refers to the actual id of the select element. elementname refers to the actual name
of the select element.

Selecting an element(s) for further information refer to jQuery API Selectors

Select element by id $(“#elementid”)
Select all select elements $(“select”)
Select all select elements by class $(“select.classname”)

Select all options from a select element $(“#elementid option”)

Basic Filters:
Select the first option $(“#elementid option:first”)
Select the last option $(“#elementid option:last”)
Select the option at a particular index (variant 1) $(“#elementid option:eq(2)”)

Attribute Filters:
Select all options that have a value attribute set $(“#elementid option[value]”)
Select element by name $(“select[name=elementname]”)

Form Filters:
Select the selected option $(“#elementid option:selected”)

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