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Notepad ++ Helper

Replace string


Replace between double caught


replace with


add between string

^(.+)$ , ^([A-Za-z0-9]+)$

replace with


Assuming alphanumeric words, you can use:

Search = ^([A-Za-z0-9]+)$
Replace = able:”\1″
Or, if you just want to highlight the lines and use “Replace All” & “In Selection” (with the same replace):

Search = ^(.+)$
^ points to the start of the line.
$ points to the end of the line.

\1 will be the source match within the parentheses.

6 thoughts on “Notepad ++ Helper

  1. ^.*\[=([^ =\]]*).*$

    for finding between [= and =]

  2. ^.*> (.*) {(.*)$ find between > and {

  3. Apple:123456789:pear
    find:.*?: replace with :

  4. (some text [=remove space here=])end text

  5. Find = (?-s)^(.*?:.*?)(?=\h\|).*

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