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For creating a web site in umbraco, follow the below steps that work for me

Step 1; base site is ready

1. Create a project in visual studio

2. Add reference from nuget for umbraco CMS

3.Configure the data base type that we want to use

step 2; Configure the way of Site Admin use the site

1. Document type in settings section is the place where we configure the way of site behaving for the normal site admin

Document type structure property is tab used for that;

step 3; Customize the views and partial views in template section

refer the razor syntax for customization

step 4; Customizing style and effects;

on settings style sheet section we can customize the  style and add javascript libraries in scripts folder;

step 5;Create forms

1. create the model that required to pass to database

2. Create the controller  by inheriting SurfaceController 

3. Crate a partial view for the form by inherit UmbracoViewPage with the list of required model class ,and create the form in partial view

4. Call the partial view in required view

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