Everything is achievable through technology


Tips& Tricks

1. Placeholder tag equvalent for ie

<input type=”text” name=”” value=”Company Name” onblur=”if(value==”) value = ‘Company Name'” onfocus=”if(value==’Company Name’) value = ””>

5 thoughts on “HTML

  1. Check box Other tab new textbox for specify

    function pmcCourses_showfield(name){
    if(name==’Other’)document.getElementById(‘pmcCourses_other’).innerHTML=’Please describe: ‘;
    else document.getElementById(‘pmcCourses_other’).innerHTML=”;

    ALERT Facilitation


  2. document.domain = “”

  3. replace href with onclick its working


  4. Disable copy paste and autocomplete for textbox in HTML

    onCopy=”return false” onDrag=”return false” onDrop=”return false” onPaste=”return false” autocomplete=”off”

  5. download files like(doc,excel…)

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