Everything is achievable through technology

interface & abstract class

An interface says to the user that this class will _support these functions_.

For example:

public interface IWorker
void DoWork();
public class MyInformation : IWorker
public void DoWork()
//Do your class-specific Work

var info = new MyInformation();

You might ask here – why not just add the method in MyInformation, instead of implementing an interface?

Here’s a situation where it would be useful:

List workers = GetWorkers();
foreach(var worker in workers)

Here we don’t know what kind of objects we’re recieving. All we know is that they will implement any of the methods defined in IWorker. We don’t care how they do it – all we care about is that they support your call.

As for an abstract class:

public abstract class Serializer
protected void GetAttributes()
//Some default implementation
public abstract void SaveObject(String outputPath);

We have a serializer class, which has some basic default implementations – but by itself it does nothing. It does not know how to write the output – only how to get the attribute information.

Now you can have a concrete implementation such as :

public class XmlSerializer : Serializer
public override void SaveObject(String outputPath)
//Do your xml serializing

Which will serialize it to XML.

Again, you don’t care how they serialize, only that they do it;

List serializers = GetWorkers();
foreach(var serializer in serializers)

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