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Art of Unit testing

Main reason to follow Unit Test

“What was I doing until now?” you might ask. You’ve done integration testing. Integration testing means testing two or more dependent software modules as a group.

  1.  With unit test we can test a single module unit.

What is Unit Test?

A unit testis a piece of a code (usually a method) that invokes another piece of code and checks the correctness of some assumptions afterward. If the assumptions turn out to be wrong, the unit test has failed. A “unit” is a method or function.

A unit test should have the following properties:

❂ It should be automated and repeatable.
❂ It should be easy to implement.
❂ Once it’s written, it should remain for future use.
❂ Anyone should be able to run it.
❂ It should run at the push of a button.
❂ It should run quickly.


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