Everything is achievable through technology


Json Add Edit Update Events

var sitePersonel = {};
var employees = []
sitePersonel.employees = employees;
for(var i=1;i<=10;i++)
var firstName = "John";
var lastName = "Smith";
var employee = {
"firstName": firstName+i,
"lastName": lastName+i
var manager = "Jane Doe";
sitePersonel.employees[0].manager = manager;//Add New Attribute
console.log(sitePersonel);// Json Object
console.log(JSON.stringify(sitePersonel));//Json String
//console.log(JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(sitePersonel)));//Json String to Object
// Select Node One method
$.each(sitePersonel.employees, function(i, v) {
if (v.firstName == "John5") {

Find in Json Key value Pair

option 1
$.each(result[0], function(key, value){
console.log(key, value);
option 2
var test ={"data":[{"label":"facebook","abc":1},{"label":"twitter","abc":1}],"total":2,"isWorking":true};
var index = { return d['label']; }).indexOf('facebook')

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