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What really is Katana and owin?

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What really is really Katana? How about Owin? After playing around with Katana, I really found it worthywhile to post about what I have found regarding them. OWIN ( initials for Open Web Interface for .NET )is a set of specifications that defines a stardand interface between which .NET web servers and web applications communicates. Katana on the hand is an implementation of the OWIN.

A little history of ASP NET is that it was released in early 2002 or sometime around then, with .NET framework 1.0 and it was meant to bring a web experience for customers who included classic asp  and desktop line of business application developers like VB 6.

There were alot of stuff and concerns brought forward by these two customers, which meant that the framework was to be monolithic leading to inclusion of all concerns in one single package, System.Web.  The package included just to…

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